Everyone has a story to tell.
I tell you my story.
2010: Left Philippines to explore opportunities in Singapore together with my husband and daughter. Got a part time job in different industries such Real Estate, Insurance Company and Market Research Firm as Telemarketing staff and appointment setter.
2011: Gave birth to my 2nd child that led me to stay home for a period of time to focus on motherhood. (Career Break)
2012: Gave birth to my 3rd child (yes I know! My OB-gyne in Singapore was like “You again?”)
2013: Back to work as an Independent Contractor Email Coordinator and Administrative Support in Real Estate Industry.
2015: Given an opportunity to work with my husband in one of the reputable business process outsourcing company in Singapore. We were deployed in different projects that handles after-market services.
2016: This is the big lift for us, as my 2 boys started schooling. We decided to bring them back to Philippines to study. At the same time my boss from my previous job in 2013 offered me and my husband a job as he opened a new business in Philippines and he hired us to help him managed his business. We then accepted the offer.
2017: The most challenging year. My boss was diagnose Pancreatic Cancer, the business did not went well as the projects did not push through. He died at the same year.
2018: I went back working as a Freelancer, Business Consultant, Sales and Marketing, Quality Assurance all this was a Project Base kind of job.
2020: COVID virus strikes the whole world, this is where my career in the Virtual world gave me an opportunity to work with one of the Professional Financial Trainers in Singapore who happens to have a Digital Marketing Agency, working as a Virtual Assistant and Digital Marketer gave me a lot of opportunity to explore and develop my knowledge in Marketing online in time of Digital Era. I am still learning, and will continue to learn, develop and apply as I found my passion in helping businesses in building their Presence using Innovative Digital Marketing Tools.

I help entrepreneurs and businesses in their MARKETING and PERSONAL BRANDING to grow their visibility in the Digital World.



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